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jdrolls 06-14-2009 07:29 PM

Cultured stone issues
So, I took out a window and cut through a portion of the foundation to put a door in; the problem is to take out the window I had to pull off some of the cultured stone (approx a 3 inch trim around the prior window frame). In addition, when I was cutting through the foundation, the vibration cracked a large cultured stone piece in the wall down lower. I'm concerned about just piling up cultured stone next to the door trim (as it will look stupid) and I'm concerned about pulling out the one cracked stone as I am worried the rest will fall. so here are my questions:
1. Can I cut out that one stone without having to do any bracing for the stones above?
2. To make it look "normal", should I remove a bunch of the surrounding stone to interlock and look more normal?

Thanks in advance!

the carpenter 06-14-2009 10:56 PM

sounds like a mess. Not sure what to do with the finishing. Maybe rock right up to the brick mould and have a major "grout look" around the door. Maybe even add a thick 2x6 or 2x4 trim around the door and go up against that.

As far as replacing the cracked stone, just chip it out and replace it. Don't replace everything around it. Cultured stone isn't that heavy that you need to worry about it supporting the rocks above it. They just hang off of the foundation with mortar. Carefull when you are chipping it out though. Sometimes you end up loosening the rocks beside it and then you've got to replace those too.

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