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Magno 04-13-2011 09:23 PM

Creating a flat floor on an angled concrete floor?
A friend purchased an old movie theater where the theater floors are angled downward at ~10deg and the floor bottom is flat solid concrete painted.

My friend wants to transform a 20' x 12' area of this theater floor into a flat floor to place tables and sofas. So essentially the project is to create a deck/floor in the form of a giant wedge.

My question is what's the best way to go about creating the foundation or anchoring this floor to an angled floor? The floor itself, we would build like a normal floor. E.g., 2"x6" struts attached to 4"x4" posts, and subflooring.

The requirements are:
a 20' x 12' floor area to support ~4 large tables, ~ 15 people.
the max height of the posts needed to support the floor is ~18".

The options discussed are:
1. bolt/anchor slips (i.e. 2"x6"s) to the concrete and nail/bolt 4x4 posts to the slips prior to anchoring such that we're essentially building wall frames and then anchoring them to the concrete. Whereby we cut the bottoms of the 4"x4" posts at an angle.

2. Poor concrete posts.

Option#1 concerns me since the wall frames are essentially lying down at angles and anchored to the concrete.

Option #2 also concerns me since I don't know how well concrete will hold to concrete. I would use a hammer drill to anchor #4 rebar to original concrete and then poor some concrete. So rebar would carry most of the shear stress, but I have no idea how well concrete mates to concrete even with a bonding agent.


stadry 04-14-2011 05:42 AM

drill holes into the floor & grout #4 rebar pins,,, pour conc bases over the pins & be sure the post elevations are correct,,, lay stringers & joists - place floor -bring in tables, chairs, & couches - have fun ! :thumbup:

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