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NateDiggity 12-19-2011 09:23 PM

Creaking Floors
I have an unusual creaking floor. I live in a stick built home that has had a creak since I have moved in.

I understand that most creaks are where the subfloor is lifting from the floor joist and the noise is the wood sliding up and down the nails. I also know that most say get access to the joists (I have a crawl space) and slide a wood shim between the joist and subfloor so there is no movement. I have been under the house many times and decided it was too much to handle this damn creak anymore.

The problem I am finding is though, there is no gap, zero gap whatsoever. I have 2 creaks within 3 feet of each other and I can actually very strategically step around/over them. Both are at the base of a stud wall. I was able to screw from under the joist at an angle into and up into the stud wall and it cured almost 80-90% of the creak.

That was 6-8 months ago, now the creak is back (its colder outside), and worse. I plan on crawling under the house this coming weekend... but what should I be looking at? Is the stud wall 'lifting' off the subfloor/floor joist?!:no: Or is it possible that my joists are "bowing" (the creaks are in the midspan of the foundation wall and a support beam) and the joist and subfloor are being pulled 'away' from the stud walls... If thats the case... how can I tell? I put a level on the floor and it seemed pretty level (4' level)...... I have looked up ways to strengthen the joist and sister them... just wondering is this even a possibility especially with a 'level' floor.

Thanks, I am just trying to find out some possibilities to not have to go into this completely blind.

BigGuy01 12-19-2011 10:16 PM

Does the creek bug you that much? LOL!!

Jokes aside, and being serious now...

Ever try caulking inbetween the joist and the floor? Caulking in my experience is much, much more effective.

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