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jdrunbike 03-28-2011 01:05 PM

Crawlspace Posts and Pillars

The inspection of a home I am considering revealed two posts that are pretty far off center on their pillars in the crawlspace (see pic below). Of the many posts and pillars in the crawlspace, these are the only two that are off and it looks like it was just a construction error and not due to the house shifting, etc. These posts are below the laundry room near the garage.

A few questions:
1. How big of a deal is this?
2. Can it simply be fixed by buying a few post jacks from home depot and adding additional support for the beam on either side of these off-center posts? (Assuming post jacks are installed correctly - perfectly vertical and on reinforced footing).
3. If you answered "no" above, what's the recommended fix?

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rossfingal 03-28-2011 01:08 PM


Show a clearer picture of what the top of the posts are bearing against -
we like pictures! :)

jdrunbike 03-28-2011 01:15 PM

I don't think I have a pic of what is exactly above those posts...but here's another pic from the crawlspace that shows a better view of other posts. I believe the two in question above are no different than the posts in this pic.

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Daniel Holzman 03-28-2011 01:49 PM

Maybe you used a really wide angle lens, but the post to the right looks like it is way out of plumb. If so, that is a significant problem. As for the posts that are off center, it may be possible to install a new post centered on the pier more or less, and still hit the beam above. If so, that would be a good solution. The other thing about the posts is that they are bearing directly on the concrete pier, which is not good practice, they should be on a galvanized standoff plate such as the type Simpson makes. This will reduce the chance of rotting of the post at the base.

I cannot tell from the photo how the post is attached at the top, it should be attached using a special bracket, again Simpson and USR make them.

jdrunbike 03-28-2011 02:08 PM

Thanks, Daniel. Good suggestions...when I get a chance to go back down there I'll take another look to see if we can add another post to center the load on the existing pier.

And you're right, that post on the right does look pretty far off in the picture. I'm pretty sure it's just the lens, though...neither the inspector nor myself noticed that when we were down there...and something that far off would (hopefully) be pretty obvious.

rossfingal 03-28-2011 02:14 PM

If you want to take a picture of where the top of the posts meet whatever they're bearing against lay on your back, and try a couple of " pics" from
that perspective - go to the other side of the posts and give us a shot from there.
If you're using a "flash" on your camera - consider adding another "light-scource" (along with the flash) - to increase definition, and remove shadows.

pyper 03-28-2011 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by jdrunbike (Post 618607)

1. How big of a deal is this?

I think it depends on how much weight is really bearing on it. If it's just a strongback for the floor to keep the washer from vibrating, no big deal. OTOH If you've got two stories and hot tub, then it probably is.

iamsaws 03-30-2011 12:30 PM

it can also be an indication of how everything else was done in the house.

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