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Denny's girl 03-08-2009 07:50 AM

Crawl space swamp, house on crap jacks.
I have a partial cement block basement under my house. Under the back 4 rooms is a crawl space that is crumbling down, looks like a gravel and dirt mix. At the base of the cement block where the basement meets the crawlspace there is a swamp of soft muddy mess. We found a spot at the base of outer wall of our house where it looks like the previous owners tucked in a couple bricks then painted a board and secured it(badly) over the bricks, which have fallen over and left a whole you can see daylight though. The back of the house's floor joists are resting on cement blocks just sitting in the dirt. Some have 2x6's in between the cement block and floor joists. The crawlspace area is roughly 40 by 50 feet. At the outside edges almost flush with the floor joists, next to cement wall a good 5 feet deep.
Here's what we were thinking we would do. Fix the outer wall, any advice on what to use would be great. Then get in the crawl space with a shovel and 5 gallon bucket and shovel the mess out, add clean fill dirt to replace what we have taken out then add some cement bases to properly jack the back of the house up.
My house is single story, built in 1920. The front of the house seems to be in good shape, doors and floors aren't tilting. We have gotten alot of advice from friends and family and this is what it's shaking down to. Next to money you can't beat good advice when your is falling apart so if you have any I would love to hear it.

Ron6519 03-08-2009 08:47 PM

Sounds like the whole back of the house has little or no support. I would call in a few foundation contractors to evaluate the situation.
It reads as though the back structure would need to be totally supported and a new foundation put around the entire section.

Denny's girl 03-09-2009 12:02 PM

Thanks for the advice, turns out you hit it on the money. My brother who used to work in construction put on a mask a went in. The foundation has sank about 4 inches running quite a ways down the side of the house. The house frame is basically sitting on dirt along one whole side. This is all directly beneath the bathroom. When it sank it pulled the main waste line from the bathroom with it. The mud isn't mud:eek:! We have plumbers coming out and house insurance claim adjustors as well. Luckily my former construction worker brother is now in insurance. Hopefully they don't give us too hard a time, and they cover it because the foundation is what did it.

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