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atDev 02-05-2010 09:42 AM

Crawl space pipe through foundation
In our crawl space there is a pipe going to the outside furnace/fan that looks to go under the foundation? It looks to be a source of water getting into the crawl space.

Any tips on if this is normal or solutions? Pictures below...

Ron6519 02-05-2010 04:34 PM

Hopefully it's not a supply pipe to anything. Copper, pvc, electric tape and whatever...
Where does it go? Just follow it and find out what it supplies. When you find out what it supplies you should be able to either figure it out or post back here.
If you have a handy friend, have him take a look.

bmelanco 02-06-2010 04:09 PM

I think we need a little more info. Following the pipe in both directions will really help. Is it 2" or 4". Does the crawl space smell like anything? It almost looks like someone retrofitted a drain line?

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