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ohman 07-23-2009 03:56 PM

Crawl Space moisture control in San Francisco
Dear all, how are you doing?

I ran into an ad the other day in our local magazine "bay living." It mentioned a service called "crawl space moisture control". More info here:

I think the idea is similar to crawl space "insulation" or "encapsulation" to prevent moisture problem. Just curious, does this sound like a possible DIY project? In the above web site it mentioned a "liner" that is a heavy 20-mil-thick material, similar to a pool liner. It's manufactured in seven layers - a blend of high and low-density polyethylene and two layers of polyester-cord reinforcement. Is this kind of material available somewhere online or in local retail store, and if so, what is it called and where to get them? Thoughts or comments about DIY this? Thanks!

timchi29 07-25-2009 09:19 PM

i had a moisture problem when I bought my house in Chicago last year and I looked at the same solution. I ended up going with 4" of concrete floor with a interior drain tile into the sump and have a dehumidifier that heeos it at 40% year round. I then installed my own battery backup sump pump since I use it for storage. I know those things you are looking at are guarenteed not to rip or they will fix it, but look at the consequnence if it does rip. Moisture, mold etc...

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