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Cracks in foundation....leaks....need some info.

I am getting to framing my basement finally. But I have some issues with the foundation. The home was built just a year ago and the foundation has a diagonal crack about 15 feet long from top to bottom. And in the same corner as this crack there is a vertical one about 5 feet up the wall...... VERY hairline cracks. And I am not to worried about them as they should have rebar in it for strength.

But my problem is this. when it rains a bunch and the water table comes up a bit I get moisture out of the cracks, enough that it will wet the wall and down to the floor. Now it is not much water but enough that it would cause mold and such in the wall and over time probably wet insulation.

My question is this, what would you suggest to seal it up so I can finish the basement...?

A few people tell me to call the home builder and make them fix it because it is only a year old and should not be cracked.....but all concrete cracks.

any input would be great.


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Boy that's a tough call. Your right concrete will crack but the house should have been prepared correctly to deal with this problem. Does the house have any tar or rubber membrane on the exterior of the concrete? Do you have a sump pit? Does the ground slope away from the foundation?

It sounds to me like there is no rubber or tar on the exterior. I don't know where you live but around here it is a must. Also there should be a drainage line running around the outside below top of footing and inside under floor and ran to a sump pit. When it rains the water will drain to the sump pit and be pumped out. This will help with hydraulic pressure forcing the water in through the crack.



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Ask your home builder for advice, since you are not holding him at fault, he may be very helpful.
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Waterstop cement (Hydrolic cement) mix works great in SOME applications, I have used it in many minor basement water issues. - One issue was when I had a customer who had 2 irrigation lines coming into the basement. Around the lines, water was coming in when it rained. Hydrolic cement around the lines - stopped it.
One of the basements we are remodeling now had the EXACT same issues you are describing with yours.
Previous to our arrival, the homeowner had hired a company that does basement waterproofing. What they did was to drill small holes everwhere they saw water or moisture coming through. They then injected an epoxy made for such an application. It adheres and bonds to the concrete and in 'essence' becomes part of the concrete. It expands and goes into all existing cracks and pockets. Lastly, they apply a waterproof paint/coating over the walls, etc.

I'm not sure if the company he hired uses the same epoxy products that we use. That company is ABATRON. They are on the web. They make all kinds of epoxies for all kinds of applications.

Don't panic, I would suggest contacting such a company to come out and look at things.
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Yes there is tar on the outside....I should have mentioned that.

OUr ground out here has a pretty agressive slope from south to north, we are in valley between 2 mountains here in Utah, and my home is up on the west bench(well kind of about 1 mile away from it) and our whole valey pretty uch has a low water table. I should be at one of the lowest portions of it. There are no drains around our foundation, or sump pumps as it is not even close to code out here.....there are homes with sumps out here in the desert but they are further down in the valley closer to the river.

I have seen those epoxy fixes looks very good, I have also heard of using plastic(I don't like this Idea because it will be moldy underneath it soon... as well as guys just painting the concrete before they frame......about 99% of the basements out here require none of this, just frame and go, the concrete is pretty well ok to frame and floor over.

But mine just so happens to have this problem........I have on this same side of the house a down spout, and I think because of it being on the south side that the grade from the neighbors house and the combo with the downspout is causing the problem.......I had an Idea to run a drain pipe around the foundation to drain the water from the high side (south) to the low side(north) but I needed some I deas to seal the inside, and would you reccomend to dig up around the foundation and reseal the outside? OH FYI it has one of those down sput extenders so it is not dumping roof water directly at the foundation.

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should definitely fix it before basement renovation

We have similular situation as yours, except we didn't start basement renovation until all water problem resolved, in our contract, builder will not repair once basement renovation started, we also have a couple of leaks in heavy rainfall, one is minor, somthing they call rod hole, which they cement it over and that's it, the other one is like yours which they use some high pressure gun to inject some thing and it got fixed, we also have crack lines which does not leak and the builder said they won't do anything about it, they said they only repair unleak crack lines if they are bigger than somthing like 6 mm. Anyhow, the situation is you definitely need to call for your builder to look at leak, serious situation may need even to repair from outside, homes in our region Toronto have 2 years warentee for Basement leak... Good luck...


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