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jefferyscott 01-29-2013 08:54 AM

Cracked long Rim Joist - Fix, Reinforce, Ignore, Pray?
I have been prepping the basement for a music room and came across yet another "missed by the inspector" issue. I'm removing the fiberglass batt from the sill/rim and found a 5-6 foot section of rim joist cracked and/or bowed in. By my measurement, the max 'collapse' is just under 1/2". - this explains the cracks in the living room above that we just chalked up to buying an old house -

Home built 1940. One story with attic. Cinderblock foundation. Some previous shifting but stable after exterior dug and waterproofed 10yrs ago. Generally solid. While the rim joist does show some discoloration and streaking, I have had zero evidence of any dampness issues. This is surely from some time in the past before the house was sided and sealed. Sill plate is solid. Joist shows no rot. Probed it with awl and feel solid.

The area above the deflection and crack is few feet of wall and then window.

With the deflection, I can't see pounding a 9.5" joist up in there to reinforce. What the hell are my options? I was thinking of custom cutting a 2x10 to match the contour of the current situation and then snugging it up / nailing it. (although with the bow, I can't get it right up against it. With a solid sill to sit on (say that 3 times fast), it would at least provide some stability and stop the bow.

- It looks like this may have been an issue for a long time, as there is a secondary joist noted in the one pic. Although, this is under the entry way from the porch, so maybe that is part of std construction? Wood is same species/color/age, it seems.

Am I on track?


oh'mike 01-29-2013 09:03 AM

The crack is a heart check and has little affect on the rim joists strength---

The bowing was caused by water infiltration in the past--and the nature of that particular board---

It's not to big an issue as I see it from the pictures----Adding some upright blocking might be warranted--but I think,as long as the water issue is solved---leaving it alone will not lead to any future settling.

jefferyscott 01-29-2013 09:10 AM

Thank you.

My biggest concern is that this is supporting the exterior wall, right?

There has been no more cracking / recracking of the walls since we moved in 1.5 yrs ago and had everything filled / caulked / painted. I guess I'll do some bracing for pc of mind and then just passively obsess over it for the next ten years in the back of my mind. :)

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