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deetu 09-19-2009 12:48 PM

crack in foundation
When our house was built, the general contractor measured the window openings in the basement wrong so instead of getting different windows, he had the guy who did the foundation come back and cut the openings larger. Now two of the windows have cracks under them that go all the way to the ground (about 3 feet)
In the past I have squeezed liquid nails in the crack and covered with cement sealer paint but it has cracked through and one has gotten larger over the years.

I was thinking of gouging the crack larger and putting in a cement glue since the liquid nails really didn't get into the small crack, just covered it, then repainting with the cement sealer paint.
Will this work? What filler would you recommend?
thank you, want to get this done before winter

Yes it is cracked on the inside too but you cannot see light, still tight.

Knucklez 09-19-2009 04:06 PM

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sorry to say, but you must address the movement before you address the crack.

when the opening for the window was made larger, did that come with a larger metal "L" brace that goes above the window to distro the weight?

also, pictures are always helpful.

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