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BigJimmy 05-23-2008 08:53 PM

Covering stucco
Hey there-

We have a 100 year old balloon-framed house with a stucco exterior. There are quite a few spots that are in need of repair not to mention some existing openings that will be closed up due to fenestration changes that are part of my on-going remodel.

First of all, I understand from my reading that the number of people who are skilled in stucco seems to be waning. That being said, if I did all of the damage that I need to do to the exterior, what are the chances that I could get someone to do good patch work that would match the existing (the current texture is sort of like a not-so-pointed meringue)?

On the other hand, I am considering the idea of refinishing the entire exterior in some sort of painted wood siding (sorry but I can't stand vinyl). If I went this route, would I definitely need to remove all the existing stucco before installing the new siding? Or could I chip away vertical grooves, install vertical furring and then horizontal siding over that? The only thing is, I'd like to wrap the walls with homewrap and I'm not sure that'd be kosh over the stucco.

Any thoughts or other input are totally welcome!


Termite 05-23-2008 11:19 PM

Patching your stucco is certainly an option in most cases, assuming it isn't too far gone. How it compares to the existing appearance just depends on the skill of the installer. There are still some good stucco guys around, but ask for references, because there are a lot of cruddy stucco crews that do mediocre work.

As for wood siding, you definately must remove the stucco down to the bare studs or sheathing, whichever you have. Then the housewrap goes on, as well as window and door re-flashing/sealing. Application over stucco would look horrible and wouldn't be a good way to do it.

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