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daveinpa 01-30-2011 05:37 PM

Cover the gap around the floating slab?
I have a 1.25" gap between the edge of my concrete floor and block wall in my basement (floating slab I guess). I noticed moisture in there so I got the idea to use spray foam to seal it. One weekend about 5 years ago we had terrible rain storms with inches of downpour. At one spot of that sealed gap water seeped into my basement...had a puddle about 3' x 5'. As soon as I began to remove the foam from the perimeter gap the water receded and I never had a problem since. I am in the process of installing a sump pit in the back corner of the basement (where the water seeped into - seems to be the low spot). I would like to channel the perimeter drain to the sump pit. I also want to "cap" that perimeter opening to avoid unnecessary moisture vapors from leaking into the basement. My walls are drylocked, all downspouts are channeled about 100' away from the house, good slopes in the landscaping. Any thoughts on how to cap that perimeter drain?

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