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ugabulldog 10-16-2006 03:54 PM

cost of trusses vs stick built
Greetings all, I will be acting as my own general contractor and building a 1300 sq foot house soon. Very simple design, 26' x 50' foot home with a 6/12 roof, no hips or valleys with a split-face cinder block crawl space foundation. I used to frame houses many moons ago and have always preferred stick built homes but cost is definetly a big, if not the biggest factor for me. With that being said, which do you think would be cheaper (labor & materials considered) using roof/floor trusses maybe even panelized walls, or stick built? Thanks for any advice and sorry to be so long winded my first post.....:) By the way, I will be building in South Carolina.

crecore 10-17-2006 08:28 PM

You really have to design it both ways, calculate the cost of materials and then judge the labor yourself... that's part of the GC's job... well a good one, and especially and owner/builder/gc whom has more vested interest IMHO.
Your building sounds simple, factor in material handling, you need a way to lift the trusses up there. If this is already around than trusses are most certainly quicker. There will be less material in the roof with trusses but you pay labor up front to the manufacturer.
Im in NY but on several projects Ive done Ive done all truss, all stick, truss on site and combination truss/stick.
There's no right answer here so I dont imagine you'll get many responses.
Do your homework is all I can say.
Best of luck!

Bonus 10-17-2006 10:15 PM

Crecore has it, it's a toss up. If you are doing all the work and you're not paying yourself and you know how to stick frame a roof, it will be a bit cheaper, in my experience, to stick it. It will take longer, of course.

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