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Supernaut 11-05-2012 06:14 PM

Corner of mobile home leaking
Hi, First time poster here living near Edmonton, AB, Canada.

I live in a 16x76ft Winalta mobile home built in 2002. I lived here since the fall of 2008 and have never had any leakage problems, even during the monsoon rains of this past summer, until yesterday. I must have caught it just as it happened. By the front corner of the mobile in the front bedroom. I found water spreading across the floor. This came from snow melt off. After a week of snow and below freezing conditions, we are in a warm spell and everything is melted away today. The melt water was running into the house all night and across the floor

The outside construction is 2x6 joists with vinyl siding. The roof is peaked and shingled like a regular house. There are no eves troughs but that has not been a problem before. My best guess is that its coming through the wall at some point. I inspected the roof and don't see anything unusual, nor is there any wetness showing on the ceiling. Looking at the corer of the home from the outside seemed to do as much good as starring at a broken refrigerator. There are all the normal openings around the vinyl and I can't see whats going on behind there.

I'm going to open up the drywall shortly to see what I can find from the inside.

Any ideas at what sort of repair I might be looking at?

joecaption 11-05-2012 10:13 PM

I would lift up the shingles and see if there's a storm and ice shield under them.
With a low pitched roof like that it's common to see ice dams. No storm and ice and it can get under the shingles and end up inside the walls.

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