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december 11-22-2009 12:31 PM

Corner bead repair
Hi, just joined the forum, been reading posts about repairing metal corner bead. I live in Fla where anything slightly exposed rusts, our corners get chipped and then rust sets in, repaired the bead in the past maybe 4-5 years ago, we are getting ready to repaint the entire house and the corner beads near the sliding doors and a couple of windows are in bad shape again, the bead itself is rusty. Is there someway I can cover it so that the same doesn't happen again. Know I will have to chip off the old compound, ( in some places no chipping necessary, will fall off it touched) then probably sand the metal, but what could I coat the metal with before coating with compound. When I did it before just covered it with 3 coats of compound, after a while (year or more) it kind of bubbled for lack of a better word, and cracked and with grandkids and animals the compound chipped again, etc etc etc. Most of the homes here don't have molding trim, I had the idea to cover the bead area with molding most likely held on by "gorilla glue", and paint to match doors and other trim, hubby says there must be a way to repair it without all that extra work. So any ideas. Thanks

kgphoto 11-22-2009 01:19 PM

If water is getting to the metal it will rust and bleed through and bubble off the mud. You can try to paint it with a sealing primer, like rust oleum or Kiltz, but you would probably be better served to replace it with NO-Coat Brand mud on paper bead. Go to to check it out.

Bob Mariani 11-22-2009 03:03 PM

you can repair and then protect with a clear plastic corner guard. This will help stop the chips. Use Durobond 90 and not premixed compound to set the corner bead. It will dry much faster and much harder. This should always be done. Since it was not, the corner chips easily.

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