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smokinmonkey 07-16-2012 02:00 PM

Converting unused farm outbuilding to GYM!!
I am about to undertake a project to convert a farm outbuilding into a gym. But before I begin any work I want to run past my ideas for the building with some of you as I have little to no DIY experience.

The building is approx 10m x 20m (32.8ft x 65.6ft) on the inside.

View the photos of the building here:

A. First of all I shall clear the building and then power wash the floor / walls.

(can anyone recommend a solution to use to stop the green / growth pictured after I power wash?)

B. The rectangle holes / "windows" will be knocked out and replaced with fresh frames and new wood, or maybe some perspex. I haven't decided yet.

C. The hole in the wall at the green growth will be repaired / filled in.

(I was thinking of using a liquid damp proofing on the walls all around and about a metre of floor all around. Is this a good idea?)

D. I was thinking of either wood panelling the walls (leaving the brick columns exposed), or plastering the walls to take the bare look away. I'm not really sure yet. Hoping for some recommendations on this part.

E. You can see in the final picture in the album (photo of the ground) that the floor dips down here. I was hoping to level this with the rest of the floor.

What would be the best way? I was thinking some self levelling concrete?

F. Once the floor is level (some how) underlay, heavy duty carpet.

And I think that's basically it... Am I thinking along the right lines or am I going the wrong way completely? Any help, advice or input is greatly appreciated.

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