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cbrc5eric 04-01-2010 04:17 PM

Converting enclosed porch into foyer?
My house I bought not long ago has an enclosed porch. There is a screen door on it and windows but I thought about making this into the foyer. I'd put a weatherproof "exterior" door where the current screen door is, buy a "stoop"/landing for where the stairs are outside. Obviously I'd redo the walls, possibly the windows too. I'm not sure if there's any insulation under the walls or ceiling now but I bet there is not. I didn't snap a picture of the ceiling but the ceiling is a little bit lower than the ceiling of the actual house.

I'll also redo the floor, raise it up to the same level of the house and raise the ceiling. I'd then remove the drafty original 1950's wooden door and then I'd knock down the foyer wall to make my living room larger if I did this.

Has anyone done something similar or is this just a bad idea?

Anyway this is what I'm working with. Might redo the siding too :laughing:

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