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press 01-16-2008 02:35 PM

Constructing an enclosed patio
Need help constructing an enclosed patio which is currently a breezeway between 2 main structures. The breezeway is covered by a main roof which also covers the 2 main structures but open on 2 sides (north and south). The floor is concrete slab and sits 4 inches lower than the other structures except for the north side which is 1 inch lower than the main structure slab (ground level). Water can flow through this breezeway. I want to build 2 walls where it is open and add windows and doors. Problem is..... I need to build up the 2 new walls to enclose the structures. These walls must have a ground level barrier made of concrete or ? to keep water flowing through the patio and to construct the new walls on.

How do I construct the wall floor barrier? What materials? Is concrete best? This is Texas- lots of moisture. I am thinking that I need to pour a concrete pier where I want the walls that will be 4-6 inches above ground level reinforced with rebar. Will this newly formed pier be stable enough and keep water out of the new patio and build a wall on top of? Please advise.

Bondo 01-16-2008 03:09 PM


Water can flow through this keep water flowing through the patio This is Texas- lots of moisture.

Before you go any farther,.........

Exactly Where is All this Water going to be able to flow,...
After you build your Dam,..err, foundation,..??..??

Unless you can reverse, or divert the flow,........
You're proposing to build a Nightmare.....................

The only thing I can imagine is pouring concrete over a bunch of Pipes to allow the water it's present path.......

press 01-16-2008 04:07 PM

I have routed drains away from this area but water can make its way thru the breezeway in small amounts. Not much but enough to make me think hurricane disaster. Basic day to day rain we are ok.

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