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Concrete on top of Concrete question

I have a trilevel house...the garage is nine inches lower then the first level. I want to level the garage floor even with the first level so I can use it as a bedroom. My question is this...can I just add and pack 6 inches of dirt on top of the existing concrete floor then cap it with 3 inches of concrete?


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Theres more then one way.
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Sorry this does not answer your question... but, if you havnt thought of it, now would be a good time to think about radiant heat in the floor. You would have enough room to add insulation above your current slab and finish it off level like your asking.

Not sure if the following would be wise to do or not, but something to think about or look into...
If you know what your gonna finish the floor with you could use 2x's and frame it up rather then concrete.

Using a 3/4 hardwood floor finish...
Rip a bunch of 2x10's to 7 1/2 and use them as joists (or use 2x8's and there will be a 1/4 difference).
Lay down a vapor barrier, set the joists, insulate between them and slap down some 3/4 plywood and then lay your hardwood floor.
Might be cheaper to do in wood then halling dirt and concrete.
Just a thought...



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flooring thoughts

I appreciate the suggestion, but I live in Louisiana. MOSTLY HOT HOT HOT...that is our no heating needed in the flooring. And I had thought of the wood flooring...but I prefer the concrete in the event I have to sell the house.
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I would do it in wood, this way you have your room while you are living there, when you decide to sell at least the new owner has the option of getting the garage back with out breaking up the concrete floor. BOB
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yes, of course you can,,, we've done it many times however we use 3/4" minus stone for fill & duck the compaction fairies in louisianna, there shouldn't be much difference between stone & dirt fill,,, don't forget vapor barrier under the conc & over the stone, a good joint pattern installed in a timely manner, & proper curing.

conc's cooler in the summer so just acid-stain it when you're done & find a good sealer,,, easy job - good luck ! ! ! !

{ ps - this is neither an unbonded NOR a bonded overlay,,, it is a ' new slab ' & should be treated as such }

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Ok I am opening a roller skating ring and i wanted to put a concrete floor down. But I wanted to put fiber optics in the concrete to so it can light up. Do any one know someone that knows how to do that.
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if it were mine, i'd use spartic-all & reflectall by elitecrete + directional lighting altho, depending on how long you can wait, certain other products'll soon be on the mkt,,, fiber optics can be placed in conc & we've done it for c-tops,,, while not being a h/o-diy-er project, largest problem's its a budget-breaker.


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