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daltinator 03-28-2011 11:27 PM

concrete stub wall
I am going to finish my basement and I had one last question before I begin. My basement is nothing but concrete walls. It is an old foundation. The west floor cracked and the west wall begin to lean. I have resovled that issue. My point is that the west floor is not even, not to mention other slopes around the basement. So I am going to pour a stub wall around the perimter of the basement. Wide enough to get a pretreated 2by4 to lay down on it and a 2 inch rigid foam behind it. so, five and a half inch wide perimeter by about an inch and a half tall to two inches. The middle concrete stub wall will only be an inch and a half wide. I will laser level the forms to get it on the money. And then lay floor joist on top like a regular build. Now my question is, should I put a vapor barrier below the concrete stub wall and on the perimeter of the stub wall matching the height. If so what type of vapor barrier? Thanks for any input.

stadry 03-29-2011 05:29 AM

invent another method - that size conc won't have any strength nor crack resistance :no:

daltinator 03-29-2011 08:58 PM

I agree. Imagining a 1 to 2 inch height is pretty short. Here is my correction. I am going to lay down a 2by6 pretreated wood,leave a inch gap between wall and foam, and install a 2 inch piece of foam. Then I will make the height six inches to add to the whole mass. So that will leave me with a 8.5" width by 6" height stub wall. Then I will drill holes in floor, put some vertical rebar and epoxy in holes, and tie down a horizontal piece of rebar to attach all. That is going to be a very solid. I still am wondering if I should put down a vapor barrier before pouring the stub wall?

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