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tholley23 11-30-2010 08:03 AM

Concrete Porch Above Basement is Damp
Hello all.
First time poster here.
We are redoing our basement do to mold and dampness.
The outside was dug up and sealed properly (Hired this part out).
We gutted the entire basement, I mean we removed everything, it was completely emptied.
The mold was removed and treated, and then the walls were fixed and dry-locked (2 coats even).

We have one more problem to solve.
There is a concrete slab for the porch that is half in the basement and half outside. Since the cold spell has hit, it has been damp to the touch, sometimes a puddle is formed on the floor underneath it. I'm thinking it's condensation.

I've asked some of my buddies and here is my plan:

Dry lock it from underneath.
Then attach some short 2X4 so that I can attach some 2" Styrofoam to it to form a vapor barrier.
Is 2" enough space for the vapor barrier or should I go 4"?
Is 2" of the Owens corning Styrofoam thick enough?
Or is simply dry locking it enough?

Is it too cold to seal the concrete on top? I will not get above 40 until spring.

Any other suggestions?

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