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jpecor 08-01-2008 01:03 PM

Concrete piers for post & beam foundation
Hey uall, I live in Vt. and could use help and ideas for my concrete pier foundation for 40 x 60 Shop bldg.
Have fine gravel and sand throught property. No drainage or frost issues.

At present I will be looking for sizing and placeing a concrete pier foundation for one of these projects. It is my Shop bldg. 40 x 60 with clear span truss roof. Soils are clean sand and light gravel all the way water or freeze issues. Placing piers @ 10' oc / 4' deep and thinking of useing a 10" hole with re-bar and widened base to support 6x6 columns 10' high single story. Plan for a 60# snow load. Also plan to pour hand mixed concrete directly into 10" augered holes. Any suggestions / ideas would be appreciated. Concrete mixing % ... 10" hole ( soil wholes together very well.. plan to auger and pour same day). will be welding a steel plate to protruding re-bar for post base and through bolt anchors for attaching.


Termite 08-01-2008 01:27 PM

There is an incredible potential snow load on those piers, and the dead load is significant. Therefore, 10" diameter holes will be very inadequate in my opinion. Twelve or fourteen 10" diameter piers will not get it done, even with the bases belled-out. You'll have significant settlement.

Typically, it is not strange to see 24" diameter piers to support this size of structure.

You need to consult an engineer before moving forward with this.

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