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edro 08-05-2011 04:28 PM

Concrete Block and Raised Pad Porch - Negative Slope - Needs replaced?
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We are remodeling the dining room in our old house. When we took the paneling off wall, the bottom was damp and smelled like mildew.

This just confirmed my fears that our front porch needs replaced.
It has a backwards slope, so when it rains hard and pools on the porch, it drains towards the house and into the crawl space.

Behind the porch is a crawl space. About a year ago, I was in there looking around and noticed the outer floor joist was damp, so this is a major problem.

I can't think of a way to correct it without completely removing it and building a new one. Also, the mortar joints in the concrete blocks have numerous large cracks which have been filled with expanding foam by the previous owners. :laughing:
If we replace it, new pad would be about 4" lower than the current porch and of course, drain away from the house. Right now, it is perfectly flush with the dining room floor and should be dropped a little.
There is also a sheet metal porch roof that we will probably remove and replace with a nicer roof... later down the road.

We could just caulk the crack between the slab and the house, but I doubt that would work very well in the long haul.

What is under the main porch slab? The concrete blocks are around the perimeter, but what is under the slab? gravel? dirt?

Any ball park $ figure on replacing this? I am in central Ohio.


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