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blthomas 01-31-2008 07:44 PM

conc slab inside/under a enclosed metal carport
I got 18x24 enclosed carport for cheap off of Craigslist.

Owner is tearing down a old block house, and this carport and some shed have to go on the tiny lot for the new house.

So I will be taking it down and bringing it too my lot.

This is one of those 8' tall jobs, enclosed ends and sides.

Metal bracing, 2" squared tube, 14 gauge steel siding.

This one has a base frame all the way around on all sides.

I would like a concrete floor in it, so I can work on my jalopies.

I have a cleared gravel area for it, but am considering a couple different options for concrete.

1. Bring in more gravel, compact a solid base, then form the pad, do a built up edge, sloping in to the 4" thickness, and in the thickened edge, notch the top of it to accomdate the base rails for the carport.

That way it's on a solid base, the rails are flush to drive over, and can be anchored. Essentially the carport on top of slab.

2. Bring in more gravel, compact a solid base, then erect the carport on the gravel compacted pad.

For the concrete part, bracing the exterior of the carport base rails, and use them as forms essentially to pour a pad in between them.

The carport has slightly sloped sides inward, so my line of thought is where the thickened edges that would support the carport in option 1, would be a waste.

I can't get a vehicle that close to the sides to benefit from it, since the sides slope in some.

If I go with option 2, would enough compaction (by machine) help allieveate any issues?

In #2, the carport is anchored to the gravel base, concrete floats inside.

In #1, carport is attached to pad, more work, but more stable maybe?

Budget is of concern, and I'm trying to plan ahead, I don't see this thing as a long term solution, I see it as temp until I can have the coin saved to build that 30' x 40' pole barn that I want with a lift among other things.

So what are some thoughts (not the building itself, I know lots who don't like them), but about the concrete.

Here is some pics of what my $500 and some labor got me:

Really excited, this is the closet thing I've ever had to work on my toys in.

Most times I'm in the gravel on a plywood runway.

nacko 01-31-2008 07:54 PM

Build a 4' high concrete reinforced wall/footing and jack the carport on top of it so you can put your boat in there.:thumbsup:

blthomas 02-01-2008 08:44 AM

No boat. Any other input on inside or under slab?


jogr 02-01-2008 09:18 AM

If it's really to be temporary I would design the slab so that it's functional (patio, parking area BB court etc.) after I remove the metal building so I would pour the slab and bolt the building on top.

In fact I might not put concrete in at all. Maybe a layer of crushed gravel that will compact well on top of a layer of larger rock. That way your saving the $ towards the permanent building.

Looks like you got a good deal.

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