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penaddict 03-14-2006 04:23 PM

Composite Deck
We have received three quotes (two more to come) to build a 25'x15' composite deck.
The direct lumber company had better rates on the composite material, but Lowes had a better price on the pressure treated lumber (for the frame).
I asked the lumber place why, and she mentioned that Lowes is still using pressure treated wood with arsenic in it (huh?).
Is this correct? Would seem odd that the lumber place charged more for lumber than a large hardware store.

DecksEtc 03-14-2006 04:50 PM

I'm not so sure that they're being completely honest with you. You don't say where you live but where I am from it is illegal to sell wood treated with arsenic.

I'd drop by your closest Lowes and check it out.

penaddict 03-14-2006 04:53 PM

Pressure Treated wood
I'm located in Colorado (just south of Denver).
I thought what the woman from the lumber store (distributor) told me.
As they only sell lumber, etc., I thought they would be cheaper overall.
They were cheaper on their composite material, but not on the pressure treated wood. She gave me that excuse, which I thought was odd too as I did some research and that was supposed to end in 2004 or 2005, so I don't think Lowes is hanging on to old stock.
Any reason why a lumber yard's pressure treated wood be more expensive than a place like Lowes?

DecksEtc 03-14-2006 05:09 PM

It's really hard to say. I live in Canada and the lumber yard I deal with is priced better than any HD or similar store. The clincher for me is that the quality of their material is WAY, WAY better than anywhere else. For me the quality is more important than price.

Although your deck is a significant size, I wouldn't think that there would be a huge price difference for the pressure treated wood portion of the deck. How much of a difference are you talking about?

C&D 03-14-2006 08:06 PM

I'd bet my next paycheck that Lowes is not selling CCA pressure treated wood (the kind with arsenic)--it's not allowed for residential use any longer. The new stuff is referred to as ACQ. Most of the ACQ being sold by Lowes is not rated for ground contact (unlike the old CCA), however, the lumber yard may be carrying ACQ with a higher chemical concentration that allows ground contact. Also, the lumber yard might be supplying a better grade of wood--less knots, etc. Finally, Lowes has better buying power, due to demand, than your local yard.

penaddict 03-14-2006 10:36 PM

There was about a several hundred dollar difference (at least). I was surprised because I thought a lumberyard would be less, but, you're right, the quality could be different.
However, if the total ends up being a big difference, we might by the wood from Lowes and the composite material from the lumberyard (unless we could get them to match the price). ;) Though now that I think about it, would rather get better quality, so will pick the best (even if more). Already spending so much on this, and want it to be high quality.

robertcdf 03-15-2006 08:17 PM

Lumberyards are allowed to sell off any CA that they had in stock before the new law took effect. However I HIGHLY doubt that anyone still has any and if they did it would be very dried out and very twisted. I would avoid Lowes though they screwed me over on a delivery and brought a LOT of junk lumber. I only gave them a shot because I knew the guy at the commercial desk and he hooked me up with some deals. But I dont think I will ever order from them again.

hav2bfaster 03-17-2006 10:35 PM

the lumber yard could be more momey because the PT wood might be dried as in ready to paint and lowe's doesn't sell anything like that and that would make a huge price difference. Personally i feel that lowe's and home depot are ok if you need something after 5 or on a sunday but other then that go to the local yards not only will they deliver the materials to you and place them where ever you need them the quility it much better

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