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Complete drywall job - .89/sq ft

I read a thread here that I should expect to pay about .50 per sq foot.

I got 2 quotes so far and both of them were about .89, I figure there's some region costs that must be factored bit almost double?? What do you think is a realistic price?


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You're basically asking for someone to, " guess your weight", over the internet. Interesting, but hardly practical. Estimates are based on region, the type of job, what the job looks like, etc...
Cathedral ceilings? Crappy drywall installation? Post details and some pictures of the job. If the drywall isn't up yet, that might explain the estimates. Other explanations would be, they both have plenty of business, or both are large companies with a high overhead, and on and on..
Try smaller companies or the local papers. See their work before you hire them.


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That's just it, there is nothing fancy about what I need done. There's 3 bedrooms 10 x 12 each and a hallway. There are no cathedral ceilings and its all new construction. The dry wall is not up yet, it would have to be hung, taped and mudded.

Thanks Ron, I'll call some of the "smaller" guys.
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You have to figure in the setup cost for jobs affects the sf price a 100 sheet job is cheaper per sf then a 1 sheet job. Smaller companys are able to work this better then companies ready to hang a 3000 sf home. In the end you get what you pay for, if two good contractors tell you 89 sf for you're area I you go with a low bid of 45 sf be careful and don't cry about poor quality latter
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3000 sq. ft. house - .50 sq. ft.

300 sq ft in 3 rooms would not still be .50 sq. ft.
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Are you saying 89 per ft to hang tape and mud or just tape and mud?
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I own a drywall company in the midwest. We price our jobs anywhere from .80- $1.00+ on new construction depending on complexity. I would say .89 for material and labor including all cleanup for a one time job for a homeowner (not a builder) would be a fair price for a simple 8ft ceiling house. Beware of the smaller guys!! get refrences. to many bad contractors out there. You usually get what you pay for.
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Around here $1.10 per sq ft

Includes all materials (1/2" drywall, corner beads, mud, tape, etc), "glued and screwed", taped and ready for paint. Does not include painting. Does include cleanup and delivery of materials.

That was best price among 3 quotes and was from a company that does residential and commercial drywall ONLY. Project was about 2400 sq ft of drywall for a basement and included ceilings and soffits.

Overall I would rate the company I used a B+ to A-.

A+ on price
A+ on time (Delivered Monday, hung Tuesday and taped and finished by Friday)
B- on cleanup (They expected a dumpster which wasn't onsite and left dust on the walls that needed removed before painting)
B+ on quality (An outside corner of a soffit needed a little touchup before painting and one weird outside angle/butt joint needed feathered out further)

So, If you are getting what I described above and similar quality for .89c I would say go for it. For .50c its a steal, regardless of location, IMO
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If you read the Sunday Classifieds in the Services Section, you may come across one or several independent drywallers who, after working years for a large contractor, have struck out on their own and specialize in smaller one-man jobs. I came across such a guy here in AZ and I've recommended him several times to my own customers who retained his services and who have raved to me about the quality of his work. When I met him, he was drywalling a section of ceiling in an old house that had several uneven, non-flush sections as a result of an add-on and a few poor DIY rennovations over the years. He floated those areas of the new ceiling flawlessly and did an A-1 super job, all by himself. Even textured it to match the rest of the ceilings throughout the house. And, his prices were more than reasonable for the results achieved. Just a thought.


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