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oar 12-05-2006 09:43 AM

columns / roof
Hi all,

I have to span a square of about 50 by 50 feet with a roof. The roof should have a cupola in the middle.

I am wondering if I can simplify construction of the roof and reduce cost by putting up four columns arranged in a much smaller square in the middle of the larger square. These columns would form the base of the cupola and allow me to eliminate large and complex trusses by having rafters running from the exterior wall to the columns and tying into the columns directly.

If I do this can I achieve significant cost reduction in the construction of the roof.
I do believe that a column supported roof would be significantly sturdier.

What do you think?

concretemasonry 12-05-2006 10:16 AM

columns / roof
Sounds to me you would be better off (and cheaper probably) to give all your information to a professional and have him sort out the options.

He will need to know where your are for exterior loads, wind and sesmic. Since it does not sound like a normal use, the floor loads could be different than normal.

Your system could certainly hold up a roof, but it might not be the best or most econominal.

I see a lot of low cost buildings built with trussed roofs spanning 50' every day. Some even have coupolas. Much depends on your coupola requirements.


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