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J S Machine 01-06-2011 06:50 AM

Close to building my garage. Need help on framing a roll up door, some other things.
Hey guys. I last posted here earlier last year, right before I poured the slab for the shop I'm going to build. I have been saving for over a year and finally have enough money to begin the project of the building itself.

Here are the two threads talking about the building:

I have decided to go with 9' ceilings instead of 8', mainly because it won't cost much more and there will be more head room. Really the only thing that concerns me is if the building framing will change much.

I'm a little rusty on this because it has been a year or so since I did some studying up on it. I'm trying to get warmed back up and do my homework first before I go out there and start nailing.

As far as the framing - in the wall areas, the only difference I can think of for a 9' ceiling vs 8' is the use of 104 5/8 studs as opposed to 92 5/8. This would only raise the ceiling height, and nothing else would really change, correct?

I have spec'd a roll up door for the end like you guys suggested and I am going to go ahead and spring for that too. The door specs that were given to me from OverheadDoor co. were 10' x 7'11' tall. My wall on the end where this will be placed is 12' wide, so that should give me about 1' or so on each side to work with. If this door is really too big and compromises the building frame because of it size I can go smaller in width. I don't know if this is an issue, I just thought I would mention it because it concerns me.

I have studied some framing around garage doors on homes being built and they look pretty sturdy. I know it needs a header and doubled up studs on the sides, but to what extent I need I don't know. Can anyone provide some examples so I can work on getting this figured out?


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