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DanE 08-23-2009 12:58 AM

Cleaning Old Insulation in Basement

I have a basement with a drop down ceiling and exposed insulation. I was trying to clean some mold from the joists. Anyway, its really humid down there so I have a dehumidifer blowing and no other ventilation (no open windows). I began feeling itchy lungs whenever I am in the basement and suspect its insulation dust. Does anyone ever had this and how do I get rid of insulation dust in the air? I will put back the ceiling tiles once I remove all the mold. Meanwhile I cant turn off the dehumidifer because it may make the mold grow again.

davethebuilder 08-23-2009 01:28 AM

Strongly suggest you remove the insulation and replace it, especially if its making you itchy. Treat it the same way as asbestos removal and suit up.

Bag and seal the insulation and dispose of the material enviromentally.

With the mould, clean all surfaces down with a bleach type product and then clean water. Use a mould inhibitor in your paint and re-paint all surfaces.

stadry 08-23-2009 06:30 AM

if you've got mold you can see, what about the mold you can't ???

if only from a health view, clear out the bsmt & find the source of the water,,, clearly your method won't work,,, i'd bet the ' itchy lung ' is a result of inhaling mold spores, NOT insulation ' dust ',,, this problem's cause will likely be much more extensive than you can imagine,,, 1st dump the insulation & suspended ceiling then spray dave's bleach/wtr 1:1,,, keep the dehumidifier running & consider having an air exchanger installed for more ventilation,,, get down to bare walls, ceiling, & floor 1st,,, THEN find out what's what :thumbup:

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