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dcsobob 12-29-2009 10:28 AM

Changing a roof pitch
General question, (yep we've heard that a thousand times)

Had a house built about a year and a half ago. Nothing fancy. L shaped, 1475sqft on the base, with the Garage forming the base of the L, Bonus room over the garage (about 420sqft).

Had the house built in a up and coming neighborhood, and the floorplan we chose is one of their most popular.

They have built a new house down the street from us and modified the floorplan slightly. In the new floorplan, they added about 300sqfeet of livable space in the attic area that joins up to the bonus room.

I can walk out into this attic space now and have a small floor up their and using it for storage.

It appears they changed the roof pitch in order to finish out the area. I'm trying to find out what the dimension chages were to allow this, but I am curious as to how much (ballpark) it would cost to accomodate the roof and framing changes?

To change the pitch of the roof, would they only have to change the back? or would the whole roof have to come off?

Would it be cheaper to just buy a new place? We have about $60000 in equity in the house, and we had it done up nice with hardwoods, etc when we built. Which would not be in the new place if we moved without paying for them. Plus, I did smart-wiring in the house, so all my rooms are wired for network/phone/video, etc.

If they had to remove the enitre roof, could we still live in the house while it was being done?


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