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Betsy G 10-19-2007 02:57 PM

cement falling into basement from cement porch above.
It may be hard to describe. My small kitchen porch consists of two huge cement squares.....each 4 x 4 I would guess.
Down in my basement is my well storage tank room. Those two cement squares make up the ceiling of this little room.
Some of the pebbly pieces of cement have fallen into the room. I can see a steel reinforcing rod.

My neighbor is going to seal the cement from up top.....the floor of the porch.
A little water did drip down into the little room from a crack in the cement.

But I need to know how the heck to make it look good again and cement a ceiling, not a floor! I may have to sell my house in the next year and I'm trying to fix all the nutty stuff in a house built in 1916.

Thanks lots.

Cole 10-19-2007 03:31 PM

Can you take some pictures?

Betsy G 10-20-2007 02:35 PM

took picture but don't know how to show it to you.
I took the picture but I have no clue to get it into this message.
It's on my desktop.
And I sent it to myself in an email.
I tried managing attachments but I just don't know how do do this.
And the picture turned out really good!

gregzoll 10-21-2007 12:53 PM

Since this is a cold room, you may be better off stopping the water intrusion from top, then from below brace the bottom, until you can repair. This would mean most likely Pre-Cast sections, which may be better then pouring.

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