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manhattan 09-14-2009 03:11 PM

Cement backer board - which to use?
Redoing my bathroom. Want to apply a CBB around bath tub area.

Any difference in brands? Any recommendations people have?

Does one apply a cement backer board to the floor and ceiling as well? It's an apartment building, so it's cement slab floors.


Bud Cline 09-14-2009 03:43 PM

They all basically do the same job. Some are waterproof most are not.

You can not apply CBU to a concrete floor, there is no reason to do so.:)

In another thread you have asked someone to write a contract specification for you, which ain't likely to happen here. If you would keep all of your questions related to this one project in the same thread there will be much less confusion. There is no reason for you to have three threads at this time on the same project.:)

manhattan 09-14-2009 03:59 PM

thanks - just joined this blog site today, so will keep in mind for next time. :)

Gary in WA 09-14-2009 04:57 PM

"It's an apartment building," ----- you mean WAS, or are you renting?
Be safe, Gary

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