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northern pike 04-27-2013 05:11 PM

Carport Framing
Hi, I live in north eastern BC and am planning on building a carport onto the side of my shed/workshop. My plan is to attach a 16' ledger to the side of the existing structure. For rafters I'd use 2x6 16"OC spanning approximately 13' (can i get 14' 2x6?) where they'd sit on a double 2x8 beam. With the beam spanning 16' I figured I'd put two 4x4 posts 10' apart creating a 3' cantilever on either end. My posts will each be sitting on a 4' deep sono tube footing. I'll be using metal roofing to match the existing structure. Initially was thinking of sheathing the rafters with 1/2" ply but am wondering if 1x4 spaced 2' apart can be used as strapping instead. We don't get a ton of snow up here and what we do get is dry.
Also, between the posts I'll frame a wall and sheath with 1/2 ply. I live outside of town so there's no permit. Obviously I want to make make it strong enough to last but don't to go overkill either.
Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.

hand drive 04-28-2013 09:51 AM

I'd go with 2x8 for the 14' span. you did not mention what pitch the roof will be, the less the pitch the more likely that a 2x6 rafter will sag creating a bowl in the metal roof... also use hurricane straps for the rafter to wall (beam) connection.

northern pike 04-28-2013 03:24 PM

There won't be much of a slope as the ledger end has to run under the existing overhang and I want to keep the far end about 6 ft above the ground, so itll drop about 2 ft over the 13 ft span. There really won't be much weight in/on the roof, does that dbl 2x8 beam sound sufficient. I had initially thought of using 3 posts with no cantilever but am trying to eliminate costs/labour of the extra footing.

funfool 04-28-2013 03:35 PM

I think with no load weight, a 10 foot span for a 2x6 is pushing it .... for a 14' span and snow and other things involved, I would also go with at least 2x8

hand drive 04-28-2013 03:51 PM

sheathing would also help keep the whole structure in rack, 1x4 's only for the top would not help hold it in rack much. 2x8 is certainly the way to go for rafters or double up some of the 2x6 rafters here and there to add strength to the span, you do not want a dip that leads to a leak in the metal roofing. If you are questioning the 2x8 for beam then plan on using 2x10 for the beam to help accommodate the cantilever and use metal connectors for the post to beam connection...

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