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justsayben 04-21-2013 05:35 AM

Cape Cod Attic Bedroom Insulation on a Budget
Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a 1500 sq. ft. 1936 Brick Cape Cod in Arlington VA. Very hot summer + cold Winter. The attic bedroom stayed warm enough during the winter but now that the weather is changing it is unbearably hot.

I am looking at ripping down all the fiberboard and insulating the whole roof and walls but stumped on how to get the most bank for my few bucks.

Problem 1. Low Budget.
Problem 2. Only 5.5 inches of space from roof deck to end of rafter, not allowing much space for insulation.

I wish I could afford closed cell spray foam but it sounds extremely expensive.

What I was thinking was starting fresh and..
1 wrap the whole roof deck in thin reflective foil radiant barrier. Radiant side facing roof.

2. Squeeze in some eco friendly R13 thats up against the non radiant side of the barrier leaving hopefully a 1 inch gap to end of rafter.

3. install 1-2 inch thick rigid foam boards over top that with 1 sided radiant barrier facing the roof and hopefully having that inch of airspace.

4. Drywall right onto the foam board (non radiant side).

Any professionals or DIY's with info/suggestion or advice from problems with what I am proposing.

Thanks in advance!

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