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ToolMonger 01-23-2013 11:24 AM

The canyon under my kitchen
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My 20 year old house has a crawl space under the kitchen that can be accessed through a hole in the adjacent basement wall. When you enter the crawl space there is a 2 foot gap between the entrance and the dirt mound (the floor of the crawl space). You can see the other side of the basement wall footers and all. I have make repairs to the kitchen floor and need to place temporary supports within 2 feet of the crawl space entrance. It would be great to have a surface that is even with the dirt mound to support the jacks I need to use. Should I attempt to backfill and then compact some of this area to make it even with the rest of the crawl space floor or should I attempt to backfill the entire area? I estimate that it would take at least 30 cubic yards to back fill this area. I estimate it would take 2 or three yards to create a mound at the entrance. I am thinking of using stone dust as the fill material.Any on have any ideas on how to proceed?

ToolMonger 06-25-2013 09:19 AM

Hey the real issue here was how to support the kitchen floor temporarily while a section of ledger board shown in the second image was replaced. The problem was complicated by the fact that the soil under the floor (first image) did not appear to be stable enough to prevent jack posts from sinking into the excavated area under the load from the kitchen floor above.
As it turned out the soil in the trench was stable enough to support the weight of the floor although there was some displacement of the jacks (sinking). It took a couple of weeks to slowly raise the floor enough to allow the ledger board (shown in the second image) to be replaced with a solid section of wood.
I would still like input on how to fill the trench to make it level with the rest of the crawl space floor.

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