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Not Sure 09-02-2006 05:07 AM

Can you put brown coat on if it's going to rain?
I am building a house...

The person in charge of putting the stucco on the outside of the house told me I should not have the brown coat applied if its going to rain within the next 24 hours. The brown coat will pit if it is rained on and the final coat of STO will look bad. (Its a two coat system.) Sounds good to me. I'll wait.

The problem is, it has been soooo rainy here. It doesn't look like its going to be sunny for at least the next 10 days of the forcast. It's very unusual for the amount of rain we have been getting. I think it was the wettest August we've had in 100 years and the wettest year on record. (I live in the dessert.) I recently had the drywall installed. There is a small amount of water still getting into the house even though it has been roofed and has its lathe.

My father thinks you can put the brown coat on even if its going to rain. He told me after the brown coat has been applied, people start sprinkling it down after about six hours after its install. My dad thinks we neet to get the brown coat on to help seal up the house even if it's going to rain.

Your thoughts on this matter...

Tscarborough 09-02-2006 07:14 AM

On traditional 3 coat stucco it would not be a problem. You are using synthetic stucco, and I would go by what your installer says, since he is the one that will be warrantying the work.

Dana11 03-19-2009 08:18 AM

Conventional stucco is still around, but it’s not alone. There are now at least 35
different modified, proprietary hard-coat stucco systems on the market and more than 30
varieties of exterior insulation & finish systems (EIFS) that have the look of stucco. With
products continually leaving and entering the market, and new hybridized systems
coming along that combine the characteristics of EIFS and hard-coat systems, it’s hard to
keep track, much less understand them all.

I think that would do for your problem.


kawendtco 03-23-2009 06:57 AM

if you are getting water in even after all the flashing has supposedly been installed, the stucco isnt going to keep things dry in the long run. somewhere there isnt any flashing or improperly done, allowing water to intrude. stucco may keep it out, but i would sure look for the problem BEFORE the stucco is installed.

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