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ehoez 11-15-2008 06:27 PM

Can i make a driveway using gravel on a hill?

I want to make a driveway, to get into my backyard.

i keep my tools , down strars in the backyard door.

i usualy just drive my truck around, but when its wet, i get stuck , and sometimes with a running start i can make it up the hill, sometimes not.

just wondering, can you make a driveway using gravel only?

i dont really want to spend the extra money on concrete. but i may later on..

Any recomendations?

its about 30' long, and about a 20 or 30 degree uphill..

pics above.


MadeInMaine 11-15-2008 07:47 PM

I don't have such a steep driveway, but all the same I recommend crushed rock, not river or round rock or sand. I use something local called "stone dust" to top it off. It is probably no more than 3/8" with a lot of the dust from the crusher mixed in. For the base, 1" crushed should be fine, better if it has some "fines" to help pack it in. Look at the material, it should appear flat on at least two sides. I love my crushed rock driveway, I hauled most of it with my 14' atv trailer, one ton at a time. If the ground is just a bit soft when you lay it, it will press in to place when you drive on it to pack it down. Crushed slate is good too. Hope you find something that will work for you....


Marvin Gardens 11-15-2008 10:58 PM

Rock and gravity. The rock will end up at the bottom of the hill eventually. Even faster if you spin your tires even a little bit.

James Con 11-17-2008 01:03 AM

I would put a layer of rip rock down for a base, Then use a 2B or 3B modified. Modified being the stone dust. The modifier will pack the gravel down like concrete, As long as the modifier is wet or moist it will pack down nice and tight. Just don't pull the gravel/modifier with a rake you will separate the gravel from the modifier and it won't pack as nice, you have to push it so they don't separate. You might want to rent a tamper to pack it down after it's spread or throw the truck in fourwheel drive and pack it down by driving on it being careful not to peel out. The only problem would be spreading the rip rock, It can't be done by hand. Another option you have is to look in your local paper for guys that deliver and spread gravel for driveways. By me there a dime a dozen and they would have a machine to do it 1 2 3.

ehoez 11-17-2008 02:45 PM

thats my problem, the truck isnt 4x4..


any ideals on what concrete would cost?

stubborn1 11-17-2008 06:39 PM

Make sure to cut out all of the topsoil before you put down any gravel. I would put down a layer of larger stone (3") and then top it off with a 3/4" traffic bond. Compact it property and it should hold up well.

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