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missamy018 07-27-2011 12:53 PM

Building a privacy fence on a slope *picture included*
I am looking to have a privacy fence in my back yard. I got a quote from Lowe's for installation and materials for almost $4000. I did the math and if we can do it ourselves, it will only be about $1500 for materials. Big difference!! If my yard wasn't sloped, I would have no problem with going the DIY route. However, the slope throws me. I can't really find any step by step instruction on it. We would not be using panels, we would be building it with posts, rails, and pickets. I prefer the parallel look to the stepped look.
What I'm worried about it the mathematical part of doing this on the slope. The level part, no problem. I'm thinking the posts will be 6ft apart, 3 rails, then attach pickets. But what do I need to know about the slope? I will attach a picture of the slope shortly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I desperately need to figure out how we can do this project so that we can have extra $$ to have an exterior door put in and get a new window.

Here is a picture of the yard. As you can see, the privacy hedges are dead. They will be removed prior to putting the fence in. This is about 112ft of fencing.

AGWhitehouse 07-27-2011 01:00 PM

posts and pickets should be plumb. rails slope with grade.

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