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dakkon 03-04-2012 08:10 PM

Building a Metal vine covered pergola.
Hello everyone,

I am having some what of a dilemma. I am building a 14'X16' patio, and want to put a pergola over it.. I have already bought some of the supplies, 2 pieces of 15' 3"X5" 1/4" thick angle iron. I have a buddy who is a mechanical engineer, he did the math, and the angle iron that i bought can support 200lbs/ft with 0 deflection. I am planning on using this 3mm wire rope as the cross connects (it is rated to 1600#.. However, i may end up getting a spool of coated steel rope with the same rating to eliminate any rust, i am in Dallas). My intention is to have a vine grow on the pergola across the wire rope, i have already talked to the local nursery and told them of my idea, they have the exact plant that i need... However, i don't remember the name... It has pinkish blooms (they showed me one of their plants)....

So, my question is, what size of pipe should i use to support the angle iron, and the canopy? I've bought some 12' galvanized fence posts, however i am starting to think that they are not going to be strong enough to support the overall weight. My fence also uses these posts, and there is a considerable amount of deflection. The posts that i tested for deflection are in the ground 3-3 1/2' i set them myself. I am thinking that i will need 1/4" carbon steel pipe or something of the sort, hopefully i can get 1/4" galvanized pipe...

I am going to call this company in the morning, they have a warehouse that is about 1 mile from my house.

I am thinking that they will have something i can use, i am just not sure if they will have galvanized pipe or not....

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