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Building First House Completetly clueless :)

Hi all. I finally found some small acreage to buy where eventually one day i would like to build. (no im not building the whole thing, but I would like to try and find all lhe subs myself) Anyways, first thing is first. I need to have an access drive put in that will eventually be my driveway. I am trying to determine the cost, but the people i have called to get estimates really want a plot plan so they know how to grade ect... Thing is i wont be building for about 4 years, so we have not decided on anything yet. Any advice? I would like to have blacktop eventually but gravel would be okay for now.
(it will be somewhat steep, and many trees will have to be cleared.)


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If you feel you need access now, put in a gravel driveway where you think you may want it.

If it turns out it is in the wrong place, tear out the gravel and use it for fill or in a new driveway, then seed over it.

If you don't need the access right now, hold off until you get a better idea of the plan, location and utilities.


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If somebody called me as a contractor with this scenario, I'd tell him to call me when he had a plan. It would be a waste of my time to attempt to estimate a "no plan" access road. As an example, you pick route"A" through the woods. Turns out that route "A" can't be put there for any number of reasons.
First things first. The building is planned. The septic system is planned. The well is planned. Utilities are planned.
Then the road is planned.
As a construction consultant I would charge you for the time. It's amazing how focused people can be when they are payng for your time.
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Ron, brings out a good key point....When it comes to planning, EVERYTHING should be well thought out in advance....even the smallest deatail, not properly thought out can create huge issues in down the road.....

Example: A temporary driveway put into your property without thorough design planning could create serious drainage issues during the construction process....(Thus, one reason that experienced individuals keep asking for a plot plan)
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I would suggest having an overview photo shot....maybe you have a friend who is a pilot....that may give you an idea of the lay of your property, especially if you have a lot of area.....barring that, walk it out completely, looking at it from ever angle....with a sketch book in hand...if you have 4 years, you are in no hurry.
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THanks for all the replies. I now understand that he needs a good plan to do the whole driveway. My delimia is the whole parcel is wooded and i have no where to park at the mement. (except on the road.)
I have a perfect idea in my head as to where i want the drive way to go, and im making sure with the county that i can put the drive there with respect to the road. Maybe i can just clear and put gravel down in the first 30 feet or so just so i can park there?
So once i have a house design, who do i have draw up the plot plan?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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