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toddtx 08-04-2011 05:01 PM

Building dock on pond...need framing help!
I am about to start building a small dock (8W x 24L) and there is a pretty severe slope on the bank of the pond. The pond was just completed and is completely dry. My plan is to concrete 4x6 pressure treated posts into the ground approx. 3 feet deep. The post closest to the bank will only have about 1 foot above ground and the post at the end of the slope will be approx. 10 foot above ground. This is my far of a distance can I safely span between my posts? If I place another post in the center of the two it would be approx. a 12 foot span. Is that too much distance to span?


Broughton 08-04-2011 05:20 PM

With 2x8 SYP you can span up to 12'5" with 16" oc spacing between joists.

kwikfishron 08-04-2011 05:42 PM

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How deep is this pond? How much will the water height change through the seasons? A 4x6 3’ in the ground won’t hold a dock.

AGWhitehouse 08-04-2011 09:58 PM

Is Ice going to be an issue on the pond?

I built at dock with 8x8 posts, concrete footings, and steel bracing. That winter it rained alot, the lake came up around the dock, cold set in and ice formed. A slight breeze one day pushed the ice sheet and the 8x8 dock legs snapped like a toothpicks.

Bud Cline 08-04-2011 10:06 PM

I guess I don't understand why a guy wouldn't build a floating dock. Please enlighten me.:yes:

Broughton 08-04-2011 10:42 PM

I see a lot of docks in Texas with telephone pole posts. Floating docks are tough around here because years like this it lays on the dirt. At least with a structure you have a nice elevated deck when the water leaves.

Bud Cline 08-04-2011 10:47 PM


At least with a structure you have a nice elevated deck when the water leaves.
And without water it is good for what? Tell me again!:)

Broughton 08-04-2011 10:51 PM

For standin on and moaning about how dry it is.

And for skeet shooting.

anesthes 08-05-2011 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by Broughton (Post 700626)
For standin on and moaning about how dry it is.

And for skeet shooting.

Haha! :thumbsup:

toddtx 08-06-2011 06:23 AM

Didn't expect this many replies. I'll try to answer all of the questions. The main reason that I was going to pour concrete and build a permanent dock is because right now the pond is completely empty so I figured build something sturdy while I can still drive into to bottom of the pond. Once it starts to fill this option is gone.
The pond is approx. 1/4 acre and will be around 8-12 feet deep when full and ice is not a problem in north Texas but I find it amazing that a small ice flow could snap an 8x8! How big is your pond, Whitehouse?
I have stood next to the empty pond and done a rain dance a couple of times but it's not working. So I just stand there and moan. I do like the idea of skeet shooting from the dock but the more I listen (and hopefully learn) I think that a floating dock is more practical. My pond was actually full before it was completed and was holding water nicely before they had to drain it to complete digging. Since then we have received no rain. I expect that the water level may drop a foot or two in the summer so a floating dock is still a viable option. Also it may be an easier option as well. I can build all of the framing on flat ground and flip it over and push it in the water. I have also just found a source for used plastic barrels for FREE! I think that posting this thread has helped me decide to build a floating dock. Now I just need to decide how many barrels I will need to float a platform. I'm thinking 6 on the dock and one at the end of the walkway.

I am thinking of a 10x10 dock with a 3x10 walkway leading to it. I will anchor two 4x4's on the bank and attach two 2x6's sandwiched together to the posts with carriage bolts. This will be my anchor for the walkway.

I think I'm off to a good start...any thoughts?

Bud Cline 08-06-2011 07:17 AM

Think: Styrofoam.:)

toddtx 08-06-2011 07:26 AM

Are you talking about filling the barrels with styrofoam or not using barrels altogether?

Bud Cline 08-06-2011 07:29 AM

Styrofoam blocks.

However filling the barrels with foam may be a good idea, I had never thought of that.:)

Where are you in North Texas?:)

toddtx 08-06-2011 07:46 AM

Shouldn't the barrels have enough bouyancy without filling with foam? I am going to have to use the barrels due to the fact that they are free (and I'm cheap) so anything I do will have to revolve around the barrels. I think 6 barrels should be plenty.

jackpine 08-06-2011 09:32 AM

Why reinvent the wheel, buy a dock.

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