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tacotim 12-22-2005 11:50 AM

building a backyard halfpipe
I'm going to build a halfpipe in my backyard. I'm not a contractor but i built 8 of these when I was in high school (I'm 33 now). My main question is where I should get the would. It's a fairly large ammount (list below) and I assume there are ways to get it cheaper than from the Home depot. Priced out at home depot, the total is $1803.76 Any suggestions appreciated.

2x4's 134
2x6's 22
4x4's 12
1/2"cdx 36
3/4"BC 16
1/4"Masonite 18

-thanks, Tim

Cole 12-22-2005 12:02 PM

Now this is my kind of job.

Check out different lumber companies in your area.

Post some pics when done.

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