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Bug Screen behind soffit?

I'm replacing my old wooden soffit with aluminum. My wife's uncle (a long time contractor) is telling me that I need to put a screen behind the soffit to prevent bugs from getting in. I haven't heard this from anybody else or read about it anywhere...so I'm wondering if it's just his own personal overkill.

Has anyone heard of this, or know if it's really required up here?

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Bug Screen behind soffit?

Is the soffit part of a roof ventilation system? If it is, you will be installing perforated soffit panels. If these panels do not have screening on the back and the openings are large enough for insects to get in, I would screen them.
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Bug Screen behind soffit?

Agree with Ron. The new material you are putting up has to have some method of ventilation. IF there is nothing behind the new soffit material to prevent bugs from entering, then screen there. One small spider, one small ant, will lead to others. IF this is some type of panels with air spaces cut every so often, use fiberglass screening material. Cut pieces larger than the ventilated area, use silicone to glue this into place on TOP of the panels. No bugs. David
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Bug Screen behind soffit?

The new soffit is perforated aluminum (whatever brand/style the have at Home Depot) and yes, it's part of the attic ventilation system. I figured the holes in the aluminum were small enough to prevent most bugs. If I do put a screen behind it, that has a tighter mesh than the holes in the soffit, then I'd be worried that it would restrict the air flow too much.

And while I do respect the experience of thy guy I got the advice from...he's also a bit of a crook and would do something like this just to jack up costs...
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Bug Screen behind soffit?

You are correct, any screening would change the NFVA: http://files.buildsite.com/dbderived...rived92755.pdf

You need 2' deep of venting to get the required 9 NFVA per foot, that is fully vented, no solid panels mixed in. 4.68 x 4.68= 9.36 NFVA, with no vapor barrier on the attic floor. 1/2 that if v.b. is present. http://www.airvent.com/homeowner/pro...it-specs.shtml

Be safe, Gary
If any ads are present in my answer above, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed, they are there against my permission.
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