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amakarevic 01-24-2012 01:45 AM

brick wall window -- replacement review
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i have a 2-brick-layer (cca 8" thick) wall and regular 2x framing inside. the window is Marvin (see photos) and is about 6.5" deep. the house is 100 yrs old and so is the brick wall. i was wondering if you could review my plan for replacement.

my opening is about 1.5" wider than the window. i was thinking of setting the studs on the sides of the window even with the opening and then fill the gap with a 1x10 on either side. in addition to filling the gap, the 1x10 would also be used to anchor the window to the framing inside because i want the outside of the window to be completely flush with the brick so i don't have to mess around with aluminum flashing around it etc. nice and simple. i have another window just like that and i think it's a brilliant and elegant solution as opposed to unnecessarily difficult tucking of aluminum outside. but since the window is shallower than the brick wall, i will need to tuck something between the framing and it on the inside (which is much simpler than outside flashing) and, since i have a gap i need to fill anyway, this strike kills two flies at once.

as for the platform, i was thinking to remove the inside layer of bricks from the top tier before the window and lay two 2x10s which on the inside would anchor into the studs and outside rest on the bricks under them and be flush with the outside layer of the bricks. two decked 2x pieces of lumber should be about as thick as a brick, give or take. when i insert the window into that, i can anchor it cause the window on the inside has a 2" wide trim that can be used to nail to the framing.

as for the 3/4" gap on both sides on the outside, i was thinking to just somehow fill that with mortar after the window is inserted. i know that will be difficult. any better way?

please see the attached pics related to this plan. the drawing represents the window sill (platform) before insertion and the gap filling strategy with 1x10s after. the photos are the opening and the window, inside and outside.

let me know if anything is unclear or confusing, which i suspect it could be cause it is always difficult to describe a retrofitting scenario.

stuart45 01-24-2012 01:40 PM

The best and longest lasting filler to use between a timber window and brickwork is burnt sand mastic.

amakarevic 01-24-2012 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by stuart45 (Post 833383)
The best and longest lasting filler to use between a timber window and brickwork is burnt sand mastic.

oh mate ... i wonder if that applies in U.S.

stuart45 01-24-2012 01:48 PM

You might have a more up to date method.

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