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brknardo 09-18-2010 06:37 AM

Brick footer
110 year old house near a lake (water table is ~3'). Have a broken piece (2')of foundation next to a 3' crawl space opening. The foundation is only 2' high.
One side of the opening has a brick footer under the foundation. On the side that is broken there is no footer. I plan on closing off the crawl space opening (will use a trap door in a closet to gain access to the crawlspace should I need it). The length of this repair will be 5' long
Question comes about with this high water table (I'm down about 2' now and seeing water) should I pour a concrete footer or use block as they have which has worked for the life of this house.
The area of the state may see -10F temps in the winter and have been told by several contractors that ground freeze which is typically 4' does not happen this close to the lake and the water level at 3' prevents freeze.
This house is very stable in the winter so the existing structure works well.

I plan on pining the new to old wall with rebar but unsure on doing repair similar to old wall (2' high) or going with 3' or if possible 4' new foundation wall on a footer of some sort. I looking for suggestions on which way to proceed...Thanks

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