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tcbnf1 11-15-2012 02:57 PM

Bracing a 12'w x 8'h Rolling Wall
I have a wall made of 2x2s on 16" centers and 3 sheets of 1/4" plywood on both sides. The wall needs to be placed on casters so we can utilize both sides of the wall for backgrounds during filming in a room. I plan to use 2x4s in 3 positions under the wall to attach casters on both ends of the 2x4s. I want to angle-brace only the outer 2x4s to the wall so we can get maximum use of the walls.

My question is:
Is there a suggested length and/or angle for the braces so we won't have to fear it falling on us during a taping or when rolling?

I'm open to any other suggestions, as well.

Thanks in advance!


mae-ling 11-15-2012 05:18 PM

how much felx to the 2x2 wall? I'd probably go at least 1/2 way probably 2/3 way up on the sides and put a 45degree brace. so on an 8' wall i'd come out about 5-6feet.

May want to add a 2x6 cap to the top of the wall to stiffen it if needed. could also put 2x4 cap on the ends if needed.

joecaption 11-15-2012 05:55 PM

2 X 2 and only 1/4" plywood:eek:
Just not seeing any of that being a great plan.
2 X2's tend to curl up and 1/4 plywood has about 0 strengh or ability to lay flat.

hand drive 11-15-2012 08:29 PM

a ten foot 2x4 laid edgeways on the floor will extend 5' either direction of the wall ( minus the width of the wall) and braces cut to 45 degrees will extend to the outer edges of the 10' 2x4 and up the wall about 5'. cut the braces on 45 degree cuts to split in the center of the outer wall studs.

GBrackins 11-15-2012 11:52 PM

If I understand your post correctly, the wall is 1-1/2" wide x 8' high x 12' long and will only be supported on the bottom with some casters? have I got it correct?

jagans 11-16-2012 10:16 AM

2 x 2's (Actually 1.5 x 1.5 inches) are useless for building this wall. The only thing they are good for is tomato stakes. They twist if you look at them crooked, they are nearly impossible to join together, unless you use metal flitch plates.

If you want a wall that has some chance of surviving, use Douglas Fir Minimum 2 x 4. through and Pilot drill and screw together with minimum no. 12 3 inch screws. Add angle cleats (Simpson
Stron tie or equal) to all inside corners. Fasten with No 8 MP screws. Apply liquid nails in joints before screwing. Install metal banding as X bracing on both sides, running from top left to bottom right and screw to studs at each intersection with Min no. 10 bugle head screws.

The base plates should be fabricated as a strongback with 2 x 6's minimum, with one leg outside the vertical wall, and screwed to the end stud. the braces should be at 45 degrees, and I would have the base project out from the wall half the height of the wall. (8 foot high wall, 4 foot projection to both sides. Put a caster on each end, attach as stated above.

Put four casters under the center line of the wall at 4 ft intervals. Use the right type of caster with a four hole base plate and screw to the bottom with #14 Hex washer head screws 1.5 inches long.

I dont understand the 3 plies of 1/4 inch at all, but I didnt get the 2 x 2's either. Once the wall is properly X braced, you could use a sheet of 1/2 inch (Nominal) Actually 15/32 the last time I checked, fir minimum BC Plywood. 4 ply minimum. Screw and glue with liquid nails. Screw 6 inches OC ends 12 inches OC intermediate with 1.5 inch MP screws.

Good luck, and use the 2x2 wall for tomato stakes, it wont hold up, or it will kill somebody, probably not the maker.

hand drive 11-16-2012 10:31 AM

^ 1. 2.
12'w x 8'h


3 pieces of ply turned upright at three per side...

jagans 11-16-2012 10:55 AM

Like I said
Like I said, throw it out and start over. You always run plywood perpendicular to the supports, and the 2x2's still aint any good. Plywood, start lower left, full sheet long dimension horizontal, then half sheet. right above that, half sheet then full sheet. Stagger end joints like that.

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