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rhall31 01-05-2009 09:10 AM

Bonus Room subfloor
Hello. I'm new to this Forum today. I searched this forum and found no similar thread so here goes.

I have a five year old single story home. The framing is manufactured truss system throughout. I have a bonus room over my garage that I
want to finish. The living area is pre-framed trusses (2x10 floor,2x8 rafter)
on 2 foot centers for a finished room size of 12' x 30'. The subfloor in
this bonus room is 3/4 T&G plywood nailed and glued on 24" centers.
This floor is has a somewhat "softer" feel than the rest of the house.
I'd like to stiffen it up if possible. The only thing I can really think of
is to add another layer of plywood and glue and screw perpendicular
to the excisting layer.

Am I on the right track? Any other suggestions?

mpepin 01-05-2009 08:53 PM

You are on the right track. Thats and easy way to go since you are starting with an unfinished space. Apply the new sheathing in the opposite direction of the existing sheathing, making sure that no seams overlap. for a really nice job, spend the extra money and get Advantech sheathing. How will you deal with the transition into this room where you will have a small step up onto the new sheathing?

rhall31 01-06-2009 06:49 AM

I'm changing the lower entrance location for the steps that lead up to this bonus room. At that time, I want move the steps closer to the center of
the bonus area. I'll be able to reset the height at that point to make up
for the extra 3/4". Thanks for the reply.

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