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pjp9543 08-15-2008 01:05 PM

Blown-in cellulose--holes not plugged: problem?
In May our 1930 2-story wood frame house had cellulose blown in from the exterior by a professional. The house is sided, with a bit of foam board under the siding, then regular clapboard. He drilled in the top and bottom of the bays, lifting only the course of siding needed to access the bay.

The possible problem: I did some searching/reading here before the job, and thought SOP was to plug the holes in the wall after the fill. He did not do that--so all we have over the holes (they might be 1.5" diameter) is the vinyl siding. The cellulose is packed in there pretty tight--he showed me a couple of bays.

When I asked him if he would plug, he just said no and I didn't press him on it. I was kind of surprised. We had the work partially paid for by a program offered by our natural gas utility--we paid 1/2, the gas co. paid the other 1/2. We did not choose this vendor, we sort of had to use him at the recommendation of the utility. They seem to have a decent reputation and have been in the area a while.

It's been bothering me since then that there's no plugs there. Seems an obvious entry way for dampness, etc. Do I have an problem here? It having these fill holes plugged essential? They are not exposed to direct rain or snow. I don't know if he was trying to cut corners but its seems pretty simple to jam a plug in there as you move to the next bay. . . . Should I go back to him to get him to plug (he did the work and would know where he drilled), get someone else or let it go?

Thanks--sorry about the long post--

Brik 08-15-2008 01:41 PM

I don't think it is critical. That's just my opinion. On the other hand if I were doing the project myself I would do the plugs. I have never seen pre-made plugs and making wood plugs to fit would be a pain. Maybe somone makes em. The primary reason, in my opinion, to do the plugs it to keep out mice and other critters. Plugs would also keep the insulation from spilling out and into the void behind the siding and also make things more air tight. You might find a tape that would work, maybe. Maybe just some aluminum flashing nailed to sheathing would be easier. I'm not sure I would lean hard on the contractor unless his agreement specified it and he didn't do it. If it was't specified he isn't obligated to do it IMO.

buletbob 08-15-2008 01:53 PM

I could see that the holes just made an entry way for water. vinyl siding is not 100% water proof. I'm sure they did not tape over the house wrap or any other barrier that was on the house. They should of installed some type of flashing over the clap board siding the drilled. BOB>

pjp9543 08-16-2008 08:08 AM

Thanks for the replies--kind of echoes what I was thinking: it might be OK, but sounds like, all in all, it'd be better to seal those holes somehow--I agree that I can't ask for much from the installer. I could probably deal with the first floor holes, 2nd story a little trickier. Hadn't thought of tape or flashing--thanks for the ideas.

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