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sobro 02-20-2013 08:02 PM

Black Mold Remediation

I am considering buying a house (rental) that has a severe mold problem in the Kitchen and basement. During the summer there was a leak, the house was shut up and now the walls ceiling and ceiling joists (in the basement) are more than a little moldy. It hits you when you walk into the door.

Now, I am not crazy enough (or should I be?) to attack this on my own, but I am now getting quotes, etc. and it seems that there are different methods that the contractors use to attack this problem. For example, I've had one mention "enzyme" scrubbing all of the walls and joists and another say that he uses UV light, and so on.

My question is this: Is there a standard method to mold remediation, or do different contractors just use different methods with the end product being the same?

If I buy this house then I would like it to be safe for the tenants first and foremost. If a mold remediator can't guarantee that, then I'm just not interested.

Thanks for you input!

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