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fizorzed 11-13-2005 07:52 PM

Bedroom Remodel - From Scratch
Hey all.

New house owner here. It's old. It needs a makeover. I'm starting with the bedroom. I'm looking for advice.

I am new at this but determined. So here is what I am looking to do. Please let me know how you would approcah this project.

I Removed all plaster and lathe from walls and ceiling, including the old cellulose insulation. All that remains are studs and ceiling beams.

1. I would like insulate the walls and attic floor and make the attic capable of storage above the bedroom, i.e. put in a floor. (attic access is in the hallway so I wont need access in the bedroom) How do I calculate how much weight I can safely put on the ceiling beams?

2. I would like to create a soffit ceiling that brings the celing down about 8 inches with a 15 inch gap bewteen the walls that contains recessed lighting in the middle and hidden, dimmable rope lighting around the perimeter for mood.

3. A whole lot of drywall.

Basically I am looking for how one would approach the project from a safe and practical standpoint.


JustaFramer 11-13-2005 10:48 PM

This is just a hunch but I figure you have 2x4 rough cut for ceiling joist's?

'Andyman 11-14-2005 10:13 AM

Bedroom remodel
The only safety concern I see is the attic floor. If indeed the ceiling joists are 2 x 4, they are merely supporting the ceiling and were never designed for storage or living space above (i.e. den, office etc.). If you were going to use this space, your local codes for floor loading in attics for various uses would have to be considered in determining, according to the span, what size and spacing the joists would have to be accomodate any kind of usable space. A lot more work and expense than you have already planned on. Mighty Anvil would be the expert on this part and probably see other considerations.

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